Guide Estes Mobile Legends Best Support Build

Guide Estes Mobile Legends Best Support Build

Estes Mobile Legends Guide. This is a hero Support and Healer that is very used to fight with the opposing team. It not only has a good heal...
Comment October 19, 2017
Estes Mobile Legends Guide. This is a hero Support and Healer that is very used to fight with the opposing team. It not only has a good healing ability, but it also has the AOE ability to slow down enemies. For more details, see the explanation of each of the following capabilities. You can Save All Team Members from Death!

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Estes Background :

At the habitat of moon elves, somewhere west of the Moonlake, here locates the legendary Emerald Woodland, which was the birthplace of the first generation of elves. Every elven king was born in the Tree of Life at the center of the Emerald Woodland. The elven king of present generation is the unique Estes, who was badly hurt during the second plane war and had to go into sleep in the Emerald Woodland. Moon elves lost the guide from their king ever since. However, when the flames of wars between human and orcs burned on this peaceful woodland, the young Moonlight Archer - Miya, stood up and gathered rest elves to protect their homeland. However the dominator of dark abyss is thirsty for more believers and the dark force has been growing stronger in secret. Seduced by the Blood Queen, Alice, some young elves have fallen. The race of moon elves was once again at stake, which outraged the great elven king! At a night of thunder and lightning, Estes woke up. He's strict but benevolent, and entitled with the strength by the sacred moonlight to protect his people and to support his allies. With the Code of Moonlight in his hands, he swore to repel every enemy who dares to violate his homeland.

Guide Skill Estes Mobile Legends

1. Passive Skill The Code of Moon Elves

The first ability we will discuss is his passive ability The Code of Moon Elves. With that skill, every second Estes will get a charge that can reach 100 points. When the full charge, basic attack Estes will then get an additional magic damage of 450 and will bounce to nearby enemies and inflict an amount of 225 magic damage.

2. First Skill Active Moonlight Immersion

His first active capability is Moonlight Immersion, healing to 200 team members and giving a link to team members to get a regen of 250 points for 3 seconds. These links can speed up the charge of The Code of Moon Elves as well. The links may disappear or disconnect if Estes and the members provided links too far.

3. Second Skill Active Domain of Moon Goddess 

His second ability is Domain of Moon Goddess. This skill enegizes large enough areas to slow down and inflict damage to all enemies in the area. Enemies who attempt to get out of the domain of the Domain of Moon Goddess will be very slow when touching on the edge of the area.

4. Ultimate Skill Blessing of Moon Goddess

Estes's own ultimate ability is Blessing of Moon Goddess, providing direct healing and linking of Moonlight Immersion's ability to all team members around Estes for 8 seconds. During that duration, Estes also get HP 1080 points.

Combo's Estes Skills :

  1. Blessing of Moon Goddess - Moonlight Immersion - Domain of Moon Goddess ( 3-1-2 )
  2. Domain of Moon Goddess - Blessing of Moon Goddess - Moonlight Immersion ( 2-3-1 )
That explains all the abilities possessed by hero Estes. It's time for me to share what items are suitable for them. Here are the items that will be used in Estes Mobile Legends guide this time.

Build Items Estes Best Support

1. Enchanted Talisman

This item is very important used by Hero Estes. The reason is because he needs a lot of regen where to be able to spam all his ability. In addition, this item also provides a very important cooldown reduction for Estes as a hero Support Healer.

2. Magic Shoes

The next item on Estes Mobile Legends Guide is Magic Shoes. Shoe items that can provide cooldown reduction. Suitable used by Hero Estes as best hero Support Healer.

3. Immortality

If the enemy has so many magic dealers, then you can buy this item as a third Estes Best Support Item. This item is very well used if you are hit by persistent enemies. If you die first in battle against the enemy, it will be a bad influence to the team's victory. Well, with this tem you will get a chance to live once more to do support into your team in battle against the enemy team.

4. Holy Crystal

One of the goals of purchasing this item is to boost your magic power even higher. It aims to improve your healing ability against team members. If you can do a very big healing, then he chance to win he battle against the enemy team is also very large.

5. Dominance Ice

To survive longer in battle, you need items that can add armor. The suitable armor item used by Estes hero is the Dominance Ice. This is because, in addition to adding armor, this item can slow down the path and speed of enemy attacks

6. Winter Truncheon

The Last item on Estes Mobile Legends Guide is Winter Truncheon. This item adds magic power status and also armor. This item can protect you by slowing the enemy by 80% when he attacks with basic attack when your HP is below 30%. This item also has a cooldown reduction effect of 10%. With this, you now have 40% cooldown reduction.

Tips and tricks using Estes:

  1. Never do farming alone
  2. Always be with a fighter or tanker
  3. Estes is not a farm hero, so focus on your healing to your team.
  4. Do not forget to do combo skill that we have given above
  5. Estes is not a hero fighter nor a tanker who can be on the front line, estes is a hero who has less defense and make the main target. Therefore stand on the back line.
That is Guide Estes Mobile Legends Best Support Build item. If you have suggest Build/Guide for other hero. You can contact us. Thanks regards!
Guide Estes Mobile Legends Best Support Build Guide Estes Mobile Legends Best Support BuildKawan Lama8.8stars based on9reviewsEstes Mobile Legends Guide. This is a hero Support and Healer that is very used to fight with the opposing team. It not only has a good heal...

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