Age is JUST A NUMBER As I near forty nine I think not about my age or how I look but blown away by how fast time has gone.   I can remember...
Comment April 24, 2013


As I near forty nine I think not about my age or how I look but blown away by how fast time has gone.  I can remember my parents being fifty and never imagined I would be in the exact same spot…HERE IT IS…weird!  As I get older and wiser, I really appreciate the GIFT of time, and soak in every moment.  In a blink, sixty will be here and I do not want to miss a thing! 

Now let me back this up a bit as I do care about how I look, and most importantly how I FEEL.  YES, age is just a number in my book, and it surely does not mean I throw in the towel and subscribe to some sort of category that stands for unhealthy and frumpy…nope…that is just not me.  Life is about quality and keeping my body functioning in a healthy way, feeling the BEST that I can each day, and that involves CONSISTENT healthy food intake, exercise, plenty of water, and I have noticed…lots more REST is required.  There are some days that I feel every bit forty eight when  my neck flares up, or my back hurts, etc.,  and that is when I take special care to relax more, stretch more, and not push so hard.  My body just like yours is a wonderful machine that talks to me and if I do not listen, then it will eventually let me know.  I appreciate the gift of my body, and will spend the rest of my life taking care and appreciating that fact.

It does feel GREAT to be healthy and wear that badge on the outside, but I will share that is all starts on the inside.  HAPPINESS is what I want out of life, in
addition to being a healthy woman, and if I did not work on my internal stuff, then life would not make sense.  I do not care how fabulous I or anyone could look, if the inside is a mess and an unhealthy mind lives in that body, that is ugly, regardless of the age.  It is like someone having all the money in the world and being completely unhappy and unfulfilled.  In my opinion, health and happiness go hand in hand. 

I consider getting older a privilege and honor and do not hide the fact that fifty is knocking at my door.  I have lived a journey full of the good, bad, and the ugly and consider all the roller coasters as growth periods that have created an older, wiser, better, happier ME.  I like that phrase that says “In order to get built up, you must first get broke down” just like building muscle, life is my opportunity to grow, learn, change, and reach for the positive lesson.  I must say that I am a very blessed woman with my hubby, health, family and friends.  In living a healthy lifestyle, thinking and reacting in healthy ways, God has truly blessed me with the husband that I have, my family and beautiful friends that nourish my soul in ways that are gifts themselves.

Age being just a number is fabulous because I truly live by how I feel, and really
age is an afterthought or a non thought.  What has come from the years of journey in this life physically are the battle scars from surgeries, stretch marks from having children,  facial laugh lines, and the pesky lines that have appeared on my forehead…but hey…goes with the gift of living another day.    I am not in panic mode thinking I need to fix this and that, inject this and that, and cover this and that, and I do not need a red sports car.  I do not desire to be like someone else or try to be perfect, because as I have said before, perfection only exists in fairy tales, photo shop and heaven.  I believe in progress and I am always a work in progress…it is really a GREAT place to be at any age. 

I dedicate this Blog to my best friend and more like a sister, Rehana!  Thanks for gifting me such a wonderful early birthday celebration and spending the entire day with you was more than a gift to me.  You warm my soul and light up my life.  Love always XOXO


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Stay Healthy~ Darla

AGE IS JUST A NUMBER AGE IS JUST A NUMBERKawan Lama8.8stars based on9reviews Age is JUST A NUMBER As I near forty nine I think not about my age or how I look but blown away by how fast time has gone.   I can remember...

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