Simple is Healthy ~ Workouts Part 2 As promised, I am continuing my write about why I think “Simple is Healthy” and how I apply that to my ...
Comment February 08, 2013

Simple is Healthy ~ Workouts Part 2

As promised, I am continuing my write about why I think “Simple is Healthy” and how I apply that to my life in all aspects.  Of course, it is such a HUGE factor for me, and knew that I could not fit all I had to say in one piece being the chatter bug that I am, so had to break it up in a series of Blogs. If you read the first of the series, I covered my food and how keeping it Simple makes for healthier foods…an apple vs. some packaged product with fake apple substance in it for example…YUCK.  I am dedicating this Blog to how I keep my workouts Simple and how that is absolutely HEALTHIER for me. 

I am a down to earth, back to the basics, sticking to the foundation of exercise kind of gal.  I do not need anything fancy to create a healthy body, and in fact enjoy the simplicity of an all over body weight   program many times throughout the week.  Also…my time…it is so important…please do not think that I spend hours in my studio pounding the weights to maintain my 48 year young self…..NOT.  I keep that simple as well and dedicate one hour at least 5-6 days per week to get my Darla Sweat ON.  That is it…if I am spending more time than that…what the heck am I doing and WHY for crying out loud.  My body requires daily physical activity and healthy foods and feeling like I need to push my body to limits beyond requirements is unhealthy in my book.  I consider working out a reward, a privilege and thankful that I can perform the exercises that I do with my new modified ME.  I think when the balance of workout is tipped so far into an obsessive thought process, it can become a burden and a something I “have to do” instead of “I want to do it”.   Think about this idea…maintaining healthy food intake so I do not have to work as hard or long in the gym…WHAT….YES, studies have shown that the body only requires a good focus of 30 minutes per day of QUALITY exercise to maintain a great physique.  LIGHT BULB moment here and QUALITY workouts are a “want to” inclusion in my life to make exercise SIMPLE, and that is HEALTHY!  So, if I remain consistent on my healthy food intake, I can shave down my gym time by at least 15 minutes and really complete what I have to do in 45minutes.  WIN WIN…clicking of fitness gal trainer shoes…woo hoo.

There are so many ways to exercise the body, but think about the root of all exercise that stems from strength and stabilization…that is where I come from.  If my strength and stabilization are not in order, I might as well forget having a healthy workout session and body for that matter.  I am all about body balance, proper posture, positioning, form and technique, and positive and negative (concentric/eccentric) movements.  Let’s say I have a postural deviation and need to work on my core strength, my simple focus will be on doing that, and progressing from there.  I will not put my body at risk for injury by swinging this or that for hours on end, jumping here or there, and creating pain and suffering by performing movements that my body is just not ready for and may not be able execute properly even after I have come to my point of progressing forward.  I feel like a “body whisperer” where I pay close attention to what my body says I can do and proceed with caution with those things that I should not be doing. I am not a “push through the pain” person or trainer…there is normal discomfort that comes from a workout and then there is that “not right” discomfort that should put a screeching halt on my workout and yours for that matter.   

I can have a simple good exercise time with nothing but my body weight, a set of dumbbells and pull up bar…BINGO.  I see squats, negative pull ups, overhead presses, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, and core work in that program.  Nothing fancy about what I do, just me executing simple controlled QUALITY moves for 30-60 minutes, getting a fabulous sweat on, and feeling accomplished when I am done.  Getting back to the basics of exercise, and the base moves that ALL workouts stem from is the safest and simplest form of creating a healthy body for ME and has served me well for several years.  I turn a deaf ear to the fads of fitness out there, especially if they are making unrealistic promises with risky movements that may send a once healthy body into a now I need rehab for an injury body.  Keeping it simple, fun, QUALITY, and time efficient sums up my workouts to be HEALTHY and LIFETIME maintainable.  That is what I am all about …Quality Life, Simple is Better, and Simple is definitely HEALTHY!

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Stay Healthy~ Darla

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