Balance of Life, part 3 When it comes to Simple is Healthy, I have come to appreciate a balance of work, rest, play and pray.   I used to b...
Comment February 21, 2013

Balance of Life, part 3

When it comes to Simple is Healthy, I have come to appreciate a balance of work, rest, play and pray.  I used to be a “YES” person with A1 personality type that first, could not say “NO” and second, the “busier the better”.  Always seeming to not be good enough, never satisfied, and always striving for that something that often times I did not understand “WHY”.  Can you relate to that?  I think it stems from feeling unappreciated in my early years, or just not feeling accomplished...going “Darla Deep” here.  Fast forwarding to the Darla of today that has shed that ugly skin…YEAH!!!!

Life’s journey has definitely taught me to love myself in every way and to accept that life is about enjoying it.  Think about that concept…I ENJOY MY LIFE.   I definitely do not want to breathe my last breathe with any regrets, and missing out on the important stuff in life, the real meaningful things that money just does not buy.   This is not to say that I am not goal oriented, strive to be the BEST me at what I do and provide that for my family and clients…I would be a hypocrite if I did or said that…this girl is definitely not lazy.   I am letting you know that my life has come full circle to finding that peace and balance with everything and I no longer run around like a chicken with my head cut off with a go-go-go , do- do- do mentality, and to the point of being so exhausted that my eyes are burning.  It is really OK NOT to be busy all the time, to enjoy some time to be still, to appreciate life and think about all the things in my life that are so wonderful.  Older, wiser, better…I stole that from my hubby and it is so true with my life at this point.  

Contentment is a GREAT word to describe where I am in life.  I love that quote that says “I may not have the best of everything but I make the BEST of everything that I have” and that is really true for me.  I am a no frills kind of gal who does not need to keep up with the Jones’, wear designer clothes or be concerned about that, I enjoy a bargain, getting my hands dirty in the garden, and in the kitchen.  I try to live life with gusto and appreciate the moment…something I took for granted years ago…being so busy being busy and going through the motions that the meaning of the moment was missed.  The “Older, Wiser, Better” Darla of today inhales every moment of every minute and I know that I smile and laugh a lot.  What a fabulous simple healthy difference living life with balance makes and provides such peace and happiness most of the time. 

Maintaining a balanced life with my workouts, nutrition, rest, play and pray is the secret to having a healthy lifestyle for me.  I am no longer hard on myself if I miss a workout or get off track once in awhile on my nutrition plan.  Life has a way of showing me exactly where I need to be, and what I need to be doing and sometimes, my body says…Darla the workout is not happening today…but that nap you need…go for it.  I am a more relaxed person who is very in tune to my body, and listens carefully to my energy levels, any aggravations and responds accordingly.   I can recall feeling guilty taking a nap years ago, like I needed to be doing something all the time and I am so glad that I do not have that mindset anymore. I have nothing to prove to anyone, and maintaining a healthy ME is what matters and of course loving God, hubby, family, friends and taking care of my fabulous clients.  Living life with balance of everything allows for deep breathing, relaxation, and really a release of all the stress and worry that we often bring on ourselves.  Exercise is my “cheap man’s” therapy, and so, yes I have a session at least 5 days per week for a good hour.  Moving on to my passion for cooking which is not only therapeutic for me but also provides my daily “REAL FOOD” intake that keeps me healthy.  Rest is also a big part of my balanced life and I try to get a good night sleep in addition to the occasional nap.  Lastly, my time with self, God and family rounds out the rest of ME that keeps me healthy and living simply. 


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Stay Healthy~ Darla

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