Simple is Healthy

Simple is Healthy

Simple is Healthy! Simple is Healthy ~ Food, Part 1 YES…I have lots to say about keeping it simple and being such a chatter box, and trying...
Comment January 18, 2013

Simple is Healthy!

Simple is Healthy ~ Food, Part 1

YES…I have lots to say about keeping it simple and being such a chatter box, and trying not to jump too hard on the soap box, I knew this was going to become a series of SIMPLE.  I came across a quote that struck me “90% of people avoided obesity and diabetes long before anyone knew what a calorie was let alone counted them…let’s make “healthy” healthy again” and it ended with the word…SIMPLE.

WOW, I thought on that and realized just how dynamic and powerful this statement was to me and how true it is for my life.  As a child, my parents modeled living from the land in our back yard and boy do I ever remember how my weekends were spent…pulling weeds from the garden.  Talk about a bitter sweet chore as a child…dirty hands, dirty knees, blisters…and the smell of tomato leaves so strong it could choke you…anyone relate?  Fruit trees adorned our backyard, and my Dad was a master grafter trying to create the perfect blend of fabulous fruit flavors.  I could walk in the garden and pluck a vine ripe tomato or enjoy an apple from one of our many trees…Simple.  What I am trying to say by sharing a small glimpse into my childhood is that food should be simple, and for me…simple is healthy.  Part one of this Blog, I will be covering food and what simple means for my Stay Healthy Life and as it relates to what and how I eat. 

I enjoy food in its’ true, SIMPLE form to this day and believe that the simpler the food, the healthier the food.  If it comes in a box, with a label full of words that I can’t understand, and the ingredient list takes up the entire side of the product, this is not a simple food…it is a bunch of mixed up crap in a box that sits on a shelf and has a shelf life longer than me.  That is what I am talking about, and am I going to put this in my body...A BIG NO on that.  Now, toss me an organic Fuji apple, and this is one happy girl ready to enjoy Simple Real Food, full of nutrients that my body needs.  Keeping food simple eliminates all stress of what I should be eating…how fabulous is that.  Once food becomes complicated, stress over the how much, what, and when  to eat enters the picture…ok…a small soap box…and thanks to agencies that will go un-named, media, marketing, blah blah blah…this world has gone crazy with complicated food and empty promises of pseudo health in a box that has greatly increased illness in this country.  Bringing food back to simple keeps me healthy and I am sure all of America would be healthier too. 

Simple means fresh, simple means I can pick the item up and smell it, and inspect it for the best pick of the produce.  Simple means one ingredient, I can usually eat the item at purchase, and if I am hungry for example, I will enjoy an organic piece of fruit during my drive.  When this concept is truly grasped, it eliminates all questions like…what did she/he eat to look like that? What did they do?  What diet was used…YUCK…diet is a dirty word in my book.  Keeping my food simple is how I maintain ME.  There is no secret this or that and I am hopeful that one day, everyone will wake up and realize this.  A few other foods that I include in my simple line up are organic boneless skinless chicken breasts, wild caught fish, grains, nuts, seeds, strained organic Greek yogurt, and cage free organic eggs…now, check this list in addition to what I shared earlier.  I am eating foods that are from the earth, as fresh as possible when I purchase organic, not processed in a factory and stuffed in a box. 

I enjoy the colors, aromas, textures, and flavors of simple foods and when I combine them into a salad…WOW…simple at its’ very BEST!  Of course some of my food items come in bottles and containers such as my Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Vinegars, Honeys, Nut Butters, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Greek Yogurt, Almond Milk, etc…but I research to ensure that they are minimally and organically processed, minimal ingredients and simple stored form.  NOW…this is the thing about eating my simple food…if I do not eat it raw or blend for a green smoothie, I am in the kitchen slicing, dicing, and cooking up a SIMPLE and HEALTHY meal that surpasses any complicated junk- in- a- box non-food item that is being passed off as “good for your health” food. 

Roasted Brussel Sprouts
I enjoy a stress free simple eating life that allows me to enjoy lots of healthy foods throughout the day.  I do not keep a food journal, count calories, grams, ounces, etc…I SIMPLY eat to live.  My body tells me when to eat and that is usually every 2 ½ hours and I eat to satiety, not to feel uncomfortable.  It is amazing how much MORE food I can eat when it is simply healthy…my large salads for example…OH MY…they seem to get bigger instead of smaller with every bite.  One of my favorite simple veggies right now are brussel sprouts….I roast these in the oven with EVOO and spices and OH MY…these nutrient packed baby cabbages are filling. 

So….I will continue to keep my food SIMPLE…it is my LIFESTYLE…and I am happy to know that I am making “healthy” healthy again! Stay Healthy ~

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Stay Healthy~ Darla
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