Happy New Year! I live with expectations for myself, and push the word of anticipation of something to happen into making it happen.   Trul...
Comment January 04, 2013

Happy New Year!
I live with expectations for myself, and push the word of anticipation of something to happen into making it happen.  Truly, I am responsible for my own expectations and waiting around just does not make sense.  The problem with expectations, and I have been guilty in years gone way past of this BIG NO NO…creating “unrealistic expectations”…you know…the kind that we create in our heads that say, and I will use “he” for this example, is going to surprise me with flowers, dinner, dancing and when “he” shows up offering nothing but his cute self ready to tune in to some sports event on TV, a 3-alarm fire goes off in our heads, feelings of anger and OMG…how could he let me down like that…and guess what…the night is ruined…WHY…Did he do anything…NO.  What did I do … well, I created this unrealistic expectation in my own mind…HOW CRAZY IS THAT.  Can you relate…been there and done that maybe? Or still doing that?  I stopped thinking in “Cinderella Land” through my journey of life many years ago, and have realized that it is I who needs to be clear in my communication of my wants, needs, etc.  It is a fact, that people will let me down in this life and instead of having unrealistic expectations of this truth, I have accepted, grown in positive ways, and now have Great Expectations for ME that I control. 

YES…I know, what does this have to do with maintaining my health, physique, and all things living a Stay Healthy life?  Having clear expectations for ME is a huge part of my healthy life and I do not expect anyone to create things for me.  I am responsible for my health, my workouts, what I put in my face, and how I treat others.  When it comes to my health, I have great expectation of remaining a healthy person through what I eat and how I work my body.  OK…am I saying I do not enjoy the anticipation of receiving something from hubby, or my kids…well of course not, BUT,  I consider that to be an extra blessing or something unexpected that is treasured.  I do not go around thinking he or they should do this or that for me…that would be a back pedal into an ugly scenario of self created drama.  No way for this fitness chick.  Life is so much simpler and REAL with genuine expectations for my life, day, and moment get the picture.  Kicking “Cinderella” to the curb years ago was one of the best things I have ever done for Darla.

Some of my expectations have had to take a detour due to injury and that was a letdown, but not a self inflicted unrealistic expectation.  I have picked myself up, dusted my knees off from being on the ground praying so much, and with strength bigger than I, I am here to tell you that I still have GREAT EXPECTATIONS for ME.  In fact, part of my expectations involve YOU, and my passion to In Your Face MOTIVATE  each and every one of YOU to adapt healthy lives.  Living with self expectation has taken me to a satisfied place of acceptance, and more…I have plans for this New Modified Me and sometimes as with my earlier detour, I may not be in control of all my expectations, but I am going to do my very BEST to make each plan I have for ME happen.  As I shared earlier, having expectations is not only about clear communication within ME, but also to those in my life.  I do my best to offer clear communication of my expectations for ME, my family, friends, and clients.  In my opinion, success comes from Great Expectations and clear communication…they really go hand in hand. If I desire something, then it is up to me to communicate that, to take the action necessary, and if I fail in that area, that is on ME. 



Me and My Fabulous Daughter over the Holidays
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Happy New Year and Stay Healthy~ Darla :)

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