The Holidays, Hormones, and Happiness

The Holidays, Hormones, and Happiness

Lots of changes this year with the family and how this Mom/Trainer will be spending the Christmas Holiday…all good, but different.   It fee...
Comment December 20, 2012

Lots of changes this year with the family and how this Mom/Trainer will be spending the Christmas Holiday…all good, but different.  It feels weird for me having to adjust to the changes in life and not just for the holidays, but with my hormones.  Thanksgiving month was the start of struggle with marked and increased changes to that which I can only attribute to transitioning into another part of womanhood…OH MY!  I mean really…all at the same time…during the holidays…really, really??? 

I was already having a bit of a time adjusting to the changes occurring with how the holidays would have to be split up as a Mom of adult kids that have their own new agendas…bitter sweet happiness…but still a big adjustment.  Mixed in with the throws of hot flashes, high anxiety, other personal changes,  irritability due to sleep deprivation, just not feeling like ME…GEEZ…the pumpkin seeds just are not cutting the mustard anymore…lol…and for heaven’s sake watermelon season is long gone.  I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband through this journey and  hats off to all the other husbands out there that are understanding and do not take personal all the goings on of menopausal issues…GOLD STARS!

I am such a faith person and celebrate what Christmas means to me as a woman of God, but let me tell you, I have had to have more than a few one on one conversations over  the last two months.  Life can feel overwhelming when hormonal changes are occurring and YES…although I am usually springing about happy as a clam during the cherished holiday season…it just has not felt the same this year.  I understand that it is probably the combo of everything happening at the same time, but YIKEE.  It is even more awkward that I can’t even offer up a good explanation for feeling high anxiety…I already have an A1 personality type anyway which probably does not help.  On top of that, what the heck happened to my energy, stamina, and everything else that felt like Darla…I mean come on now…this is a double REALLY, REALLY?

OK…I am sharing some very personal things right now and please do not confuse it for complaining…I am letting you know that I, just like you,  go through life, experience what every woman of a young, fit almost 50 can go through and it can SUCK.  YES…I said it…some days, it really sucks to not feel like ME…my plug has been pulled right out of the wall and I am holding onto the cord going OK…now what?  You know me…I do not let things get the best of me…so more research was in order and a trip to the doctor.  I have worked with many women who experience peri-menopause and menopause symptoms and although I suspected that this was indeed the culprit invading my inner body space, I needed to rule out the possibilities of medical issues not related.  Believe me, I would have hit the floor with a positive pregnancy test…love babies, love my children, am a grandmother…but that would have definitely sent me to the peri-menopausal special place for TLC.  Whew…negative…let’s move on and off that subject. 

The beautiful thing about life is that we all experience different things when it comes to reaching menopause…some sail through without a scratch, while others, and that would include me, do not necessarily care for the changes that are happening through the process.  So, through my research, I am  giving a natural herb blend menopausal support supplement a try and am hopeful for a positive result after reading the reviews,  understanding each herb independently and the possible benefits/negatives to the body.  The next few months will tell me if I need to take a different direction, but I will keep a positive outlook and in conjunction with the transdermal hormone creams that I use now, what do I have to lose.  I will let you know how it goes a couple of months into my herbal therapy.

What a subject to write about during the holidays, but HERE IT IS…out of my control, happening right now, and Merry Christmas Darla…ho ho  ho.  One of my fabulous clients shared “look at it this way…you will be able to wear white pants now”.  I had to laugh…she was right…love my clients.  As much as I motivate them, there are days that they motivate me without their even knowing it.  I say, I really enjoy my strong coffee in the morning right now too…especially after a night of visits from the” flash club”.  This is a part of my life that I have no control over, except for the introduction of herbal supplements, but that truly does not change that I am changing.  Acceptance of again, the New Modified Me, feels like it needs to repeat itself through my menopausal journey.  Technically, I will not be in true menopause until I have not had a cycle for a year…WHAT???  Ughhh…so, I can be out and about in my new WHITE PANTS and still be surprised…OH FA LA LA LA LA…JOY JOY JOY JOY. 

Honestly, it can feel unfair, but I have experienced all kinds of unfairness in my life, AND all circumstances have been used to grow me in a positive way to be a BETTER, STRONGER, and even MORE FAITHFUL person.  So, I will look upon this part of my life in the same way, and I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.  In fact, I am HAPPY and have so much to be thankful for with my health, meeting the man I can truly say I LOVE and understand fully what that means and feels like, my children, family, friends, clients, and even the fact that I have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in…more than HAPPY…I am humbled and thankful.  So, when the overwhelming Life is Bigger than ME Menopausal Monster tries to creep into the crevices of my mind and body, I will try really hard to concentrate on all the things positive in my life.  This is in fact a journey that will require patience and TLC, and I know that some days will be more challenging than others, but I also realize that even this experience will enable me to help others, and through that, I will be blessed. 

From My Family to Yours

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Have a FABULOUS weekend and upcoming holiday week!
Dedicated to my Always Supportive Hubby, Don
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The Holidays, Hormones, and Happiness The Holidays, Hormones, and HappinessKawan Lama8.8stars based on9reviews Lots of changes this year with the family and how this Mom/Trainer will be spending the Christmas Holiday…all good, but different.   It fee...

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